November’s Green Drinks Mixer is 11/9 @7:30p at Sing Sing Kill Brewery with Clean Path NY

This month’s Green Drinks Mixer (our monthly meet-up series co-hosted by Sing Sing Kill Brewery –  is all about large scale renewable energy. And we need to talk about these projects because we not only need them if we are to look forward to a livable future where these help transition us to a new clean energy economy, but also because there is no silver bullet with regard to environmental impact when supplanting fossil fuel generation/infrastructure.
But change, we must.
This month, we welcome Clean Path NY – one of the largest renewable energy projects in New York. Harnessing wind, solar, and underground/underwater transmission, the project will reduce New York’s reliance on fossil fuel-fired electricity by more than 20% every year and avoid the equivalent of 9 million cars’ worth of carbon emissions.
The project spans from upstate and Western New York to Hudson River communities to New York City. Clean Path’s community engagement efforts may be a gold standard in how projects like these can work hand in hand with communities, and where outreach informs project decisions that can alter plans and minimize a variety of impacts.
Learn about the project, their process for community engagement, what they’ve learned, and what obstacles they’ve experienced.
Learn more about Clean Path NY