Green Ossining Sustainability Partnership

Green Ossining Launches ‘Green Ossining Sustainability Partnership’

Acknowledging local business leaders who have taken action toward reducing their carbon footprint

November 27, 2018   Ossining, NY –  Green Ossining is proud to announce the nomination of 12 business establishments in Ossining, New York as the first designees of the newly created Green Ossining Sustainability Partnership. Sustainability partners act on a commitment to reducing energy usage, eliminating or cutting back on single use materials, reducing solid waste, relying on organic or locally sourced ingredients, and focusing on the community’s overall well-being epitomizing the concept of “doing well by doing good.”

These deserving business leaders include Tom Deacon, founder of Fable Farms; Laurie Gershgorn, chef and owner of Good Choice Kitchen; Kathryn and Luis Corena, owners of First Village Coffee; Roger Mason and Leah DiSisto, chefs and owners of Basta Restaurant; Olga Bonilla, chef and owner of Los Abuelos Restaurant; Jon Zeltsman and Miriam Haas, owners of Down to Earth Markets; David and Lynn Schofield, owners of SBS Printing & Shipping; Scott Ryan, co-founder of 6 Degrees of Separation Restaurant & Brewery; Eric Gearity and Matt Curtin, co-owners of Sing Sing Kill Brewery; Sharon Rowe, founder of ECOBAGS; Elmer Oliveros, chef and co-owner of Brother’s Fish & Chips; Barbara Sarbin, founder and educational program director of Something Good in the World.

Each of these visionary entrepreneurs recognizes that environmentally sustainable business practices contribute to the overall success of their business, all while contributing positively to our community and our planet.

 “Doing the right thing for the environment often means you’re doing the right thing for your bottom line. Many local business owners get that. The Green Ossining Sustainability Partnership is a great way for those forward-thinking business owners to get some extra thanks from local patrons, while inspiring more businesses to follow their lead” said Victoria Gearity, Mayor, Village of Ossining.

The Green Ossining Sustainability Partnership and its designated members will serve as a valuable resource for members of the Ossining business community wishing to learn more about the practical benefits of environmentally sustainable methods that can be applied to their individual enterprises. It will also identify and promote its members to the residents of Ossining and Westchester County and attract customers who wish to patronize local merchants who are doing their best to become good citizens of the environment.

Bruce Brandfon, spearheading the effort and a member of Green Ossining, comments that “Ossining now has the opportunity to identify itself as one of New York State’s most outstanding sustainable communities.”

Dana Levenberg, Supervisor, Town of Ossining said, “Green Ossining has truly helped our community focus on sustainability in a meaningful way.  The Sustainability Partnership gets down to brass tacks in terms of simple steps any business can take to be an environmental steward.  Our younger generation tends to recognize these attitudes and patronizes businesses who share their vision for a lasting and green future.  Kudos to Green Ossining for recognizing these outstanding businesses and to the businesses themselves for taking our environment very seriously.  I certainly hope many more businesses will follow.”



  • Use of energy efficient lighting and lower energy options
  • Focus on recycling and training of staff as to proper methods
  • Installation of signage to assure that customers and staff are recycling
  • Reduction/elimination of single use and non-recyclable products
  • Use of paper products with at least 30% post-consumer recycled content
  • Encourage staff to carpool and/or use public transportation
  • Explore/encourage composting of food waste
  • Limit use of chemicals or pesticides where applicable
  • Use Green Seal Certified and/or naturally derived cleaning products
  • Update water consuming products to create efficiencies
  • Work with like-minded, environmentally conscious partners and vendors
  • Reduce paper mailings via increased usage of digital media



Top Row: (Left to Right) David Schofield (SBS Printing & Shipping; Bruce Brandfon (Green Ossining), Victoria Gearity (Mayor, Village of Ossining), Dana Levenberg (Supervisor, Town of Ossining), Scott Ryan (Six Degrees of Separation); Second Row: (Left to Right) Tom Deacon (Fable Farm), Emily Sack (Green Ossining), Eric Gearity (Sing Sing Kill Brewery); Bottom Row (Left to Right) Ron Lowenthal(Green Ossining), Suzie Ross (Green Ossining), Matt Curtin (Sing Sing Kill Brewery), Jen Benson (Green Ossining), Laurie Gershgorn (Good Choice Kitchen), Dacotah Rousseau (Down to Earth Markets).
Not Pictured: Olga Bonilla (Los Abuelos), Roger Mason & Leah Disisto (Basta), Elmer Oliveros (Brothers Fish & Chips), Sharon Rowe (ECOBAGS)