Repair Cafe

Notes from our Repair Cafe: May 19, 2018

Marvelous things happen at the Repair Cafe. A gentleman that lives in Holland (The Repair Cafe started not far away in Amsterdam) and was  visiting the states, sought us out for a visit to see how we do it here in the U.S. . Funny- we put him to work!    Then there was this lovely lady who heard about the Repair Cafe on @Ossining Padres Hispanos Facebook page … she was so appreciative that she came back and delivered warm fresh baked goods for the coaches and attendees.This month, knives were sharpened, family heirloom candlesticks were fixed, beloved stuffed animals were repaired, among so many other things. Don’t miss us when we re-open after the summer on Saturday, September 15th!




Notes from our Repair Cafe for our Launch year, 2017

In 2017, Green Ossining launched the first Repair Cafe in Westchester County.  This skill-sharing community gathering to fix beloved but broken items FOR FREE, begun in Europe over a decade ago, has joined our com

munity in a very special way.   Even kids got in on it and shared their toy-repair skills.   Our last one of 2017 combined the Repair Cafe with an E-Waste Drive.

In 2018, our next two will be held on Saturday,March 24th and May 19th from 11a-3pm at the Joseph Cavuto Community Center (aka Ossining Rec).

Check back for a list of items we hope our community repair coaches can tackle.  And stop in to see what its all about!