Repair Cafe



The Repair Cafe had a very successful 2018.  Below are scenes from Our November 10, 2018 Repair Cafe along  with the variety of items repaired.   In 2019, we hope to see you when we return on Saturday, January 12, 2019.  Same time. Same place.















Notes from the Cafe
Our Kid’s Table was often busy and  Jude really engaged a couple of young people demonstrating in series and parallel circuits and used a 555 integrated circuit:)
The Electrical Table kept four of our coaches, Frank, Ken, Glenn, Mustafa and one novice,David, joining us for community service, very busy. Repired were: a 3-way lamp, chest, vacuum, brass lamp, food processor, wood chipper (pretty impressive sound and dirt), Conair hair dryer, repaired travel case latch with silver solder (very excited recipient for that), colander repair, electric screw driver found to need batteries.
Kate at the Jewelry Table gave advice on polishing, fixed 3 set of earrings, 1 necklace and one beaded bag.
David and Mustafa at the Toy and Wood Table gave great effort to fixing a karaoke machine, sewing kit handle repair.
Virginia, joined by a new volunteer, David, at the Computer Table: consulted on Ransomware, flash light, provided advice on setting up a wireless printer, looked at an issue with an upgrade from Windows & to Windows 10, recommended contact Microsoft for additional assistance, consult on security.
April, Janet and Michele were kept busy at the Sewing  Table:  replaced 4 buttons, repaired 4 seams, leather and knit jacket seams, pillow cover, hems, backpack and bag.

From our Comment Notebook:

  • “I am so happy they were able to fix my lamp.”
  • “Very appreciative of all the help!!”
  • “Thank you so much for all the organizers you were able to fix my daughter’s lunch bag, which I was going to put in the garbage already and a hair dryer. I am so happy and thankful.”   
  • “Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.”
  • “This event is a God send! Thank you for all your work for the earth.”
  • “Thank you for offering this valuable service! You are able to save an old metal colander and my vacuum cleaner. I greatly appreciate your help.”
  • “I am thrilled with the hard work and expertise of Michele and Frank. I am also grateful that they volunteer their time in order to enact actions that dovetail with our values!”
  • “An antique brass lamp was taken apart and rewired by a team of repair geniuses.  A family heirloom restored to working order! Thanks!



Next Repair Cafe? Saturday, September 15th.

Hope to see you then!

(NOTE: Apologies for any we have inconvenienced, but we must postpone our EWaste Drive to a later date (tbd).)










Notes from our Repair Cafe : June 19, 2018

The Green Ossining Repair Cafe was honored by Westchester County Executive, George Latimer, with an Eco Award for our efforts to bring this program to our community.

Many thanks to our Repair Cafe coordinator, Michele Stone and husband Glenn Simonetti, for their efforts – and to all of ourRepairCafe coaches who have been givinging so freely of their time in sharing their skills to help fix “beloved but broken items.”  We are also very grateful to the Village of Ossining who saw the value in this program in our community and fully supported it. As well, with community partners in the Ossining Recreation Department for providing us the space to host the Cafe, Melrose Lumber for providing us parts at cost, and to First Village Coffee for keeping our coaches pleasantly caffeinated through our Cafe days.  Lastly, many thanks to the Repair Cafe – Hudson Valley and the guidance and support of John Wackman!











Notes from our Repair Cafe: May 19, 2018

Marvelous things happen at the Repair Cafe. A gentleman that lives in Holland (The Repair Cafe started not far away in Amsterdam) and was  visiting the states, sought us out for a visit to see how we do it here in the U.S. . Funny- we put him to work!    Then there was this lovely lady who heard about the Repair Cafe on @Ossining Padres Hispanos Facebook page … she was so appreciative that she came back and delivered warm fresh baked goods for the coaches and attendees.This month, knives were sharpened, family heirloom candlesticks were fixed, beloved stuffed animals were repaired, among so many other things. Don’t miss us when we re-open after the summer on Saturday, September 15th!




Notes from our Repair Cafe for our Launch year, 2017

In 2017, Green Ossining launched the first Repair Cafe in Westchester County.  This skill-sharing community gathering to fix beloved but broken items FOR FREE, begun in Europe over a decade ago, has joined our com

munity in a very special way.   Even kids got in on it and shared their toy-repair skills.   Our last one of 2017 combined the Repair Cafe with an E-Waste Drive.

In 2018, our next two will be held on Saturday,March 24th and May 19th from 11a-3pm at the Joseph Cavuto Community Center (aka Ossining Rec).

Check back for a list of items we hope our community repair coaches can tackle.  And stop in to see what its all about!