About Us

Details about the Committee and how you can become involved locally.

Green Ossining Committee Mission Statement and Our Goals and Objectives

To promote environmental sustainability community-wide, and develop practical methods that protect our natural resources.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Create a forum for those in the community that are concerned about the environment.
  • Explore and prioritize sensible “green” methods and practices.
  • Identify ways to promote “green” methods and practices.

The Town and Village of Ossining and the Green Ossining Committee appreciate your efforts and contributions in building our community.

Please visit our Sponsors and show support for the community and cause!

Green Ossining Committee Members:
Toro Adeyemi

Henry Atterbury

Catherine Borgia

Lauren Brois

Dorian Burden

Sue Donnelly

Brian Fridkin

Victoria Gearity

Jen Glass

Amy Hall

Niki Gallo Hammond

Eliana Johnston

Walter Holzberg

David Kezafrica

Andrea Kimmich-Keyser

Amanda Marsh

Todd Moore

Alexsis Moore

Anthony Murray

Dean Pacchiana

Carol Ryan

Suzie Ross

Sharon Rowe

Emily Sack

It’s not easy being green.
~ Kermit The Frog