About Us

About Green Ossining

Details about the Committee and how you can become involved locally.

Green Ossining Committee Mission Statement and Our Goals and Objectives

To promote environmental sustainability community-wide, and develop practical methods that protect our natural resources.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Create a forum for those in the community that are concerned about the environment.
  • Explore and prioritize sensible “green” methods and practices.
  • Identify ways to promote “green” methods and practices.
  • Support efforts to sustain and strengthen the biodiversity of our native flora and fauna.

The Town and Village of Ossining and the Green Ossining Committee appreciate your efforts and contributions in building our community.

Green Ossining Committee Members:

Alex Dubro, Alma Padilla, Amanda Marsh, Bruce Brandfon, Barbara Brandfon, Carina Scorcia, Diana Christina Lopez, Dorian Burden, Donna Sharrett, Emily M Sack, Frank Buddingh’, George Garland, Gretchen Craig, Gunnel Rydstrom, Janice A. Rost, Jeff Ramsey, Jen Benson, Jherlyn Lopez, John Codman, Kate Schlott, Katie Alberte, Kathy Battacharia, Katie Marshall, Lana Kitcher Nick Tedrow, Polly Franchini, Rob Lowenthal, Steve Gibson, Suzie Ross, Tracy Basile, Jane Torrence, Mary Kay Greiner