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By using this app, you will be able to calculate your household’s carbon footprint, learn and finds ways to reduce it, improve your health,  and save money.  Provided in partnership with CURE100.Create your Ossining100 account and start tracking your own personalized carbon usage now! Click here to begin tracking your carbon footprint today!

Vist the CURE100 FAQ.  We encourage you to!  This FAQ provides important information, including how to login with a non-Gmail email and a host of other answers that will be helpful in providing the comfort you need to get started.  But we’re here to help no matter. See info on live Office Hours below.

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Did you miss out Open House Launch on February 1st?   Check it out here!

Note that you can skip right to the Carbon Tracker at minute 19:00.

  • 0:00 Arriving & Welcome
  • 1:28 The Science of Carbon Emissions
  • 19:00 CURE 100 Carbon Tracker Open House