Resource List for Trees

Download this Resource List for Tree Planting, Maintenance & Protection

Westchester Cornell Cooperative Extension for additional questions and information
3 West Main St, Suite 112, Elmsford, NY 10523,

Town of Ossining Tree Code:

Town of Ossining Tree Removal Permit:

Benefits of Trees:

Threats to Trees:

  1. Climate Change:
    Temperature changes:
    Rainfall Changes:
  2. Deer:
    Deer overabundance:
    Deer and Ecosystem Health:
    Law which prohibits feeding deer:
  3. Invasive Species:
    NYSDEC Prohibited and Regulated Invasive Plants:
    Don’t Move Firewood:
    Hemlock woolly Adelgid:
    Oak Wilt:
    Stop the Spread of Invasive Species:
  4. Earthworms:
  5. Light pollution:

What to Plant:

Existing conditions, salt tolerance and deer resistance should be considered.
Westchester Native Plants:
Deer resistant plants:
Salt tolerant plants: &

How to Plant and Maintain:

Death of Newly Planted Trees (with watering chart):
How to plant a tree videos: &
More watering info:
Your planting zone:
Weed Wacker damage:

Cool tools:

Value of trees:
Habitat mapping:
Leaf Snap:

Places to visit and learn:

Black Rock Forest Consortium:
Native Plant Center:
Teatown Lake Reservation:

Additional resources:

Canopy loss:
Development of the Eastern Deciduous Forest:
Find an Arborist in Westchester (Section 3):
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower:
New York Flora Atlas:
Urban Forestry Today:
USDA Plant Database:

Download this Resource List for Tree Planting, Maintenance & Protection