Can We Win “Best of Westchester” Sustainability Committee Two Years in a Row? Maybe. Here’s Why We Think We Are a Great Contender. DEADLINE: Jan 10, 2024

As the first deadline approaches for the first round of voting (January 10, 2024) , we’d like to ask you to consider voting for us for a second year in a row.

If you appreciate what we do, it will take less than one minute to give us a thumbs-up, by voting for us as a Best of Westchester Sustainability Committee.

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But we’re not just going to ask you to vote for us without reminding you why you should consider us as a great contender……….

Why Vote for Green Ossining as a Best of Westchester Sustainability Committee?

While we consider ourselves in superb Sustainability Committee company here in Westchester, we have a few plugs we’d like to make that makes us a it different than some.  First, we are a 100%  volunteer, non-compensated committee of community members.

But its what we deliver that shows our dedication. Following are a number of our larger programming efforts that might have you consider us as worthy of such notoriety for a second year in a row.

Green Ossining annually stages the largest Earth Day celebration in Westchester County at Louis Engel waterfront park in Ossining. In 2024, the Earth Day celebration in its 14th year, will take place on Saturday, April 20th.

In its history, Green Ossining has created a number of efforts to educate and engage the community. Here is a sampling of engagement efforts:


  • Westchester County’s first Repair Café (June 2017)
  • The Ossining Documentary & Discussion Series (June 2013)
  • Westchester County’s first semi-annual community-wide Tag Sales program (May 2014, enticing the community to meet their neighbors, keep unwanted items out of waste stream, and to reduce paper waste from hard copy promotion)
  • Community E-Waste Drives
  • Ossining’s Green Food Scene (2017): highlighting local purveyors and their green practices
  • Ossining100 – a Chapter of C.U.R.E. 100 – (September 2021, focused on reducing Ossining’s Carbon Footprint incrementally by 100% by 2040 through education, a personal carbon tracker app, and advocacy)

Community Outreach Liaisons for environmental programs/organizations:

Promotion and Advocacy of:

Campaigns Launched/co-partnered:

  • Successful Single Use Plastic Bag Reduction Effort (2015) at the Ossining Farmers Market (Partnering with Riverkeeper, Down to Earth Markets, ECOBAGS)
  • Reusable Bag Initiative (2018)
  • Textile Recovery: helped bring textile waste recovery to Ossining and the Ossining Farmers Market
  • Brought attention to Municipal Use of Toxic Round-Up (2018, use is now discontinued)
  • Storm Drain Stenciling (since 2018, Partnering with the Village of Ossining and Riverkeeper)
  • Green Ossining Sustainability Partnership (since 2018, GOSP–recognizes businesses in the community who are following a broad range of sustainable and environmentally sound business practices in their daily operation.)
  • Car-Free Day (since 2018, brought award-winning recognition, ideas and options to our community on this international day of recognition through 511NYRideshare)
  • Re-established Westchester County’s Green Drinks the second Thursday of every month with partner Sing Sing Kill Brewery (2023)


SO, if you feel we ought to be a contender too in this race for  Best of Westchester Sustainability Committee, vote for us here and Thank You:

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