EPA’s Phase 1 Evaluation Report – Hudson River Dredging Project


On March 8, 2010, EPA and General Electric Company (GE) released the final version of their respective Phase 1 Evaluation Reports for the Hudson River dredging project. These reports replace draft versions of the reports exchanged in mid-January, pursuant to the Consent Decree under which GE performed Phase 1 of the dredging.

EPA’s Phase 1 Evaluation Report is available at www.hudsondredgingdata.com

After completing the first phase of dredging PCB-contaminated sediment in the upper Hudson River, EPA is releasing a detailed technical assessment of the work to a panel of independent scientific experts for their review. The EPA report details the effectiveness of the first phase of dredging, as well as the challenges encountered during the first dredging season. It also lays out the Agency’s modifications to the engineering performance standards for dredging resuspension, residuals, and productivity proposed for the second phase of the project, set to begin in 2011.

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