Release of NYS Climate Action Plan Interim Report

Governor Paterson announced the release of the Interim Report at the Advanced Energy 2010 conference on November 9. See the governor’s announcement at .

The Interim Report is the outcome of nearly a year of work by the Council, more than 100 technical experts, stakeholders and the broader public. It discusses why it is vital for governments to address climate change, and details New York’s current greenhouse gas emissions and our vulnerabilities to a changing climate. It identifies a menu of policy options that, if broadly adopted, can dramatically reduce emissions and increase climate resiliency while providing other important benefits to New Yorkers and the state’s economy. A preliminary analysis of the costs and benefits of the policy options is included.

Climate Smart Communities have important wisdom and experience to contribute to the Climate Action Plan. Please review and comment on the Interim Report, either at one of the public hearings to be held in early 2011, or by submitting comments during the 90-day public comment period, which will end on February 7, 2011. The Interim Report, along with instructions for submitting comments, can be found at

Following review of public comments and additional analyses, including further evaluation of the effects of climate policy options on economic development and job creation, the Council will present a final Climate Action Plan in 2011.

Climate Smart Communities are encouraged to enroll on the Climate Action Plan mailing list (listserve) at to receive direct notification of the informational webinar, public hearings and other information related to the Climate Action Plan.

Contact: Mark Lowery, NYSDEC – Office of Climate Change, 625 Broadway, Albany, New York 12233-1030. Phone: 1-518- 402-8448 E-mail: