NYS EFC Green Innovation Grant Program 2010

The NYS EFC Green Innovation Grant Program 2010 (GIGP 2010) is now accepting applications for funding.

GIGP 2010 projects that are both eligible for CWSRF funding and meet US EPA funding criteria. EPA Guidance for determining project eligibility may be found at www.nysefc.org/GIGP

Evaluation of proposed eligible projects, or any portion thereof, shall include but not be limited to an assessment of the following criteria:

* Protects water quality and other environmental resources with a measurable impact on water quality;

* Builds green capacity locally and throughout NYS;

* Spurs green innovation;

* Feasibility of transferring new technology / activities to other NYS water quality issues;

* Provides outreach and educational opportunities;

* Leverages co-funding;

* Greens-up existing infrastructure / fixes existing facilities first;

* Supports community revitalization / advances a project in a municipal center;

* Land recycling / retrofit / infill;

* Reduces Greenhouse gas emissions;

* Improves air quality;

* Reduces dependence on oil / produces renewable energy;

* Supports economic development;

* Regional distribution of projects;

* Compliance with State and federal laws, rules and regulations; and

* Applicant commitment to asset management / operation and maintenance.

The Application Package and guidance materials are now available on NYS EFC’s website: www.nysefc.org/GIGP.