Pledge to go Car Free or Car Lite on Car Free Day in the Hudson Valley (Friday, 9/25).

Join Green Ossining and the Town and Village of Ossining and Pledge  for Car Free Day 2020!

Car Free Day is an environmental awareness day that encourages participants to reduce their driving and instead telework, ride a train, bus, bike, walk, carpool, vanpool, or drive an electric vehicle. 

To participate, just fill out the pledge form, then go car free or car-lite on Friday, September 25th. 

When you take the Car Free Day pledge you’ll automatically be entered to win prizes like:






  • Plan out a car free or car-lite commute for Friday, 9/25.
  • Take the pledge between 9/18-9/25 to go car free or car-light on 9/25:
  • Share with us what you did differently on 9/25 between 9/25-9/27 :