Wanna Save 15K Gallons of Water a Year? New Watersense High-Efficiency Toilet Program Launches in Ossining

We know its Valentine’s Day, but time for some toilet talk. Better yet – its never a bad time to talk about conserving one of our greatest natural resources: WATER!

Our Water Department has done a great job of enlisting us in this program, and if you live in the Village or Town of Ossining, you may be eligible.

Switching to just one high-efficiency WATERSENSE toilet can save you up to 40 gallons of water a day…thats almost 15,000 gallons a year! If fully utilized, the program can save the Village over 7 million gallons of water annually.

Awesome too is that if you qualify, you can keep the green local by using authorized dealer: RIM PLUMBING & HEATING SUPPLY, INC..

Find out more https://www.villageofossining.org/public-works/files/toilet-replacement-program