Village of Ossining Residents! New Water Meter Functionality Coming Soon!


Good News Ossiningites!
You may have seen notification from the Village of Ossining that some homes may be getting an upgrade to their water meters.
The upgraded water meters will only apply to 1,650 of the 6,000 existing meters.
IF you are one of the 1,650 homes that this applies to, you will be receiving a letter from the Village informing you of how to schedule an appointment online from December 7th through mid-April.
If you are one of the 4,350 homes not eligible for the meter upgrade (you therefore will NOT be receiving a letter to schedule an appointment) it is only because your current equipment has been replaced within the past 15 years.
HERE’S THE BEST PART: once this project is complete, all 6,000 homes will be compatible with a new technology that will allow you to see your water usage monthly online (instead of once a quarter by mail). This will allow you to monitor your water usage in more real-time, avoid those “surprise” bills, be aware of potential leaks sooner, and ultimately allow you to have more control over your water usage so you can adjust your usage if needed, This will help limit our waste of this precious natural resource and will be doubly helpful as we experience more droughts with a changing climate.
Many thanks to the Village of Ossining’s Department of Public Works and our Superintendent of Water for this innovative program! There may be only one other municipality doing this so we get the early adopter badge!