‘Tis the Season to Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em! Leaves that is. Mulch them Instead of Having Them Carted Off!

Want some hands-on experience? On Thursday, November 6th at 6:30 pm at the Briarcliff Manor Public Library. join the Greenburgh Nature Center to learn how.   Fall leaves are a valuable resource for your property! Learn how to “re-invest” your fall leaves into your soil by shredding them right into your lawn, turning them into attractive mulch for your garden beds, or using them to generate your own home compost.

Check out our Monthly Eco-Challenge for more information as well!

What is leaf mulching?  Leaf mulching is the practice of chopping leaves into small pieces. Mulched leaves can be left on your lawn, as they fall between the grass blades and disappear, or piled 3″ or 4″ deep on garden beds and around shrubs where they act as a protective layer in the winter and, in the growing season, prevent weed growth and help conserve water. Leaf mulch decomposes over time, and adds important nutrients and structure to the soil.