This Week: Don’t Miss Info on Crude Oil Transport on The Hudson River. Weds, May 27th from 7-830p at Ossining High School


This Wednesday, May 27th, learn what you can do to protect New York State’s environment and communities from a crude oil disaster.   Join our friends at Riverkeeper who will be presenting “Crude Oil Transport: Risk & Solutions” at Ossining High School from 7-830p.

Could you attend?

This could be the first step towards getting local and/or county level action opposing the unsafe transport of crude oil through the Hudson Valley via train, barge, and tanker. Several towns and counties throughout the Valley have taken a leadership role in opposing this unsafe transport, and we would love to see similar local action here in Ossining/Westchester. Please check out the Eventbrite link:

Until recently, there was little or no crude oil transported in the Hudson Valley. The growth of oil production in North Dakota and elsewhere has spurred industry to make the Hudson Valley into an international conduit for crude oil. Up to 5 billion gallons of crude oil is being transported through the Hudson Valley annually by train, barge and ship. All three transportation methods – what is being called by industry a “virtual pipeline” – could affect our communities and environmental resources. Spills, explosions and fires—some resulting in the catastrophic loss of life—have occurred elsewhere on this virtual pipeline.


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