This Saturday at the Village Fair! Take the Great Healthy Yard Project PLEDGE!

The goal is beautiful yards without synthetic chemicals. The more people who pledge, the cleaner our drinking water will be.

Residential, non-point source pollution is the most widespread water quality problem facing our country. The chemicals that we put on our yards and down our drains end up in our drinking water. They are not removed by routine water treatment and are also in bottled water. These chemicals are damaging the health of our families, causing increases in Autism, ADHD, diabetes and cancer.

A simple solution: stop using these chemicals so they don’t wind up in our drinking water. We are spreading awareness of this problem by educating people about the scientific basis for this concern, to drive action.

We are measuring the number of people who are participating by asking them to take a pledge to protect their drinking water by not using synthetic pesticides, weedkillers, and fertilizers, on their yards and gardens except for localized use on rare occasions to resolve an infestation and protect native plants and wildlife, and also not disposing of pharmaceuticals or chemicals down the drain.

Can you take the pledge?




When: This Saturday at The Village Fair

Where:  At the Green Ossining Booth at the Village Fair

Information & To Take the PLEDGE!:


ABOUT The Great Healthy Yard Project
Just honored by the EPA, Bedford 2020 Board member and chair of the B2020 Water and Land Use Task Force, Diane Lewis, is the founder of The Great Healthy Yard Project, a non-profit organization that encourages people to protect our drinking water by taking a pledge to stop using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and flushing pharmaceuticals.