NY STATE PLASTIC BAG BAN LAW: Goes into Effect March 1,2020!

This is likely not news to you, but please be an ambassador and spread the word that begining March 1st, most single-use plastic bags will be banned in NY State. This is a GREAT first step toward minimizing our waste (and reliance on fossil fuels).


Newspaper bags, Ziploc bags, trash bags, garment bags, bags for bulk food or bulk hardware (nuts & bolts) will still be available.For health and safety reasons, single-use plastic bags will also be used for food takeout as well as prescription drugs.



Westchester County has not yet agreed to putting a fee on paper bags. Paper bags are environmentally resource intensive. While they may biodegrade over time vs a plastic bag (which never really biodegrades), they actually use more energy to make than plastic bags. There are a number of Towns and Villages across the County that have taken matters into their own hands and have opted for a fee on paper to discourage the overuse of free paper bags.


Please make no mistake about it — just because a paper bag may be fee-free, you are still paying for it in the cost of your grocery bill as well as the cost to our environment.

PLEASE BE A ROLE MODEL. Abandon all free bags when possible (paper or plastic!). Bring your reuseable bags.

For more info:https://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/50034.html

See a short video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_grpuqyOVk