Infographic: Building Low-Carbon Cities

Great info-graphic on Building Low Carbon Cities!

– Project Coordinator at VHB

This info-graphic tells the global story of ubranization and climate change. With more people moving to cities and coastal areas it is expected that more people will be exposed and vulnerable to extreme weather events. Climate Smart Communities are part of the solution striving toward livable, low-carbon and resilient cities. This info-graphic supports the CSC Pledge Elements and framework to 1) Develop Greenhouse Gas Inventories 2) Evaluate the Emission Reduction Potential and 3) Climate-Smart Capital Investment Planning through Climate Action Plans.

Infographic - Building Low-Carbon CitiesTogether CSCs are making a difference! Visit our website to see a full list of Climate Smart Pledge Elements and related climate actions:

Infographic: Building Low-Carbon Cities

Only a small percentage big cities in developing countries are creditworthy, which creates challenges for sustainable development. A new program is helping them.