HELP SAVE THE OLIVE OPERA HOUSE! TOURS ARE SATURDAYS@1230p & 1p on 12/5, 12/15, 12/19 and 1/2.

Wanna be green? By supporting efforts in your community, you are investing in its sustainability and its future.   Can you imagine a future with a Main Street we could walk down with a variety of social & shopping activities available for everyone?

SATURDAYS @1230p and 1p, stop by the Olive Opera House , take a tour, and hear about how you can be part of the revitalization of our community’s downtown. (corner of Brandreth and Central Avenue off Main Street)

Grow Ossining raised $62k in four hours back in February…now that the Olive Opera House project has been given NYS approval,  money can actually be accepted  as an investment for you. The goal is  $300k by January 8, 2016 deadline.   Stop by  and help bring back the Opera House!

Will you be part of it and invest in our future?  ooh FULL PAGE PROMO TOUR DATES