Heat Loss Seminar – Energize Ossining

Did you know that icicles are a sign of heat loss?
These dangerous daggers are not only a threat to your safety but are a sign that cold air is stealing energy dollars from your wallet!

The first step to remediate icicle and heat loss issues is to sign up for a home energy assessment.
Get help with the NYS application at the Ossining Library on Thursday, March 13th 9:30am-11:00am.
Please bring your electric account number

Some homeowners have noticed icicles forming at the edges of their roofs this winter. Icicles can be indicators of ice dam formations. When ice dams melt, they cause water damage to exterior walls of houses.

While there are some short term measures one can take to reduce ice dam formation, the underlying cause of ice dams is usually traced to heat loss problems that can be fixed by home performance contractors. Not only can you have ice dam issues resolved, but you can save energy!

Visit www.EnergizeOssining.org or call 914-302-7300 to sign up today!

Download the flyer here for details and more info…

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