Committee Meeting Notes – July 14, 2010

John Bell, Dorian Burden, Mitzi Elkes, Matthew Gulotta, Andrea Kimmich-Keyser, John Ladd, James Rather (Assistant Planner, Village of Ossining), Mark Reisman, Suzie Ross, Sharon Rowe, Carol Ryan, Peter Tripodi

The meeting began at 7:30pm.

Ossining Climate Action Plan – Discussion of Initial Recommendations for Waste Sector

  • The Committee spent the bulk of its time at the meeting discussing the initial waste sector recommendations. James Rather gave a brief overview explaining the concept of a climate action plan, the steps involved in creating one, and the Green Committee’s role in the process. The Committee examined the initial recommendations pulled from other climate action plans and had many ideas for how these recommendations can be further fleshed out as well as bringing many additional recommendations to the table. James will create a list of detailed recommendations based on the discussion from the meeting and these will be sent out to the Committee prior to the next meeting.

Discussion of Ossining School District Green Committee Sustainability Forum

  • Dorian Burden led a discussion about the Ossining School District’s new Green Committee and its upcoming sustainability forum. The forum is planned to take place in mid-October at the Ossining Public Library and there is an opportunity for the Ossining Green Committee to have a table at the forum. The Committee agreed that this would be a good opportunity to raise awareness about its ongoing work with the Climate Action Plan as well as the other activities on which it has worked, such as the Earth Day fair. The school district’s Green Committee is still in the early planning stages for the event, and Dorian plans to have further information on the forum at the next meeting.

Next Steps

  • The Committee plans to meet again in mid-August as schedules allow to discuss the detailed recommendations and to begin work on the next sector as well as to discuss the upcoming sustainability forum and other potential activities for the Committee to work on.

The meeting ended at 9:30.