Audubon International – Sustainability Efforts in Small Towns and Rural Areas Survey Launched

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Audubon International Press Release

Research on the “State of Small & Rural Community Sustainability” Launched by Audubon International

In the face of mounting economic, social, and environmental challenges, community leaders are increasingly embracing the idea of sustainability to achieve healthy and vibrant communities. In an effort to understand where small and rural communities across the United States stand in regard to this emerging concept, Audubon International is working with graduate students from Antioch University to survey the state of sustainability in small and rural communities across the United States through initial survey of practices.

“There is little information on state of sustainability policies, plans, and practices in small and rural communities across the country,” according to Kevin A. Fletcher, Ph.D., Executive Director of Audubon International. “Building on the success of our Sustainable Communities Program and the lessons we’ve learned, it’s clear there’s a need to develop a better understand around this topic and specifically the types of sustainability indicators being used to capture and communicate ongoing progress in communities. This initial survey is our first step in developing a more comprehensive online ‘sustainability indicators database’ to better disseminate best practices to interested communities.”

Much of the current research on sustainability efforts has been limited to large cities or regional entities. The survey results and The State of Sustainability in Small and Rural Communities report to follow will provide a resource for sustainability planning at the local level. The report will allow small and rural communities to gauge their successes and challenges in relation to their peers. It is also intended to help provide a platform for sharing best practices, case studies and lessons learned.

Citizens are invited to join Audubon International in providing much needed information for local municipal governments and agencies, elected officials, landowners, and anyone who has a stake in the long-term viability of a small community. All community leaders, elected and appointed officials, planners, town staff, and citizens in small or rural communities (population under 40,000) are encouraged to complete the survey. Click here to complete the survey.

For more information about the Audubon International Sustainable Communities Program, contact Suzi Van Etten, Program Manager by phone at (518) 767-9051, ext. 124, e-mail at, or visit the website at

About Audubon International

Audubon International is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) environmental education organization dedicated to providing people with the education and assistance they need to practice responsible management of land, water, wildlife, and other natural resources, thus leading to more sustainable communities.  To meet this mission, the organization provides training, services, and a set of award-winning environmental education and certification programs for individuals, organizations, properties, new developments, and entire communities.   Through the Community Engagement, Planning & Action Initiative, and the Sustainable Communities Program, Audubon International works to help community leaders and stakeholders embrace environmental stewardship and sustainability as a central element of planning, policies, and practices.