SAVE THE DATE! Registration is Open!

Happy January! Planning for our 10th Annual Earth Day, scheduled for Saturday April 25th from 10-5pm is now fully underway. Not only is this the 10th anniversary of Ossining’s first Earth Day celebration, but it’s also the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. 

This year will be a special one, and we anticipate vendor registration filling up faster than in previous years, so in order to reserve your spot, be sure to apply to attend well in advance of public registration. Luckily for previous vendors like you, we are now accepting early vendor registrations.

 We are working hard to grow the opportunities for attendees to take action at this pivotal time for environmental advocacy that will move us toward a more sustainable future, including: renewable energy solutions, local resilience and the importance of supporting our local economy as well as the organizations that will help toward that, using and wasting less, being more resourceful, and being a more conscience consumer, among other things.

 In 2020 we expect attendance to exceed 4,000 visitors and will have space for just over 100 vendors – growing the Festival from some 300 attendees and 20 vendors in our first year.  We’re planning to have many more hands-on activities and educational opportunities for everyone, as well as continuing great live music and entertainment to make it the biggest and best Earth Day Festival yet! Exhibitors offering educational opportunities will be highlighted throughout the Festival and in Festival promotion so be sure to let us know if you have any activities planned for the day (preferably within you application).

As Westchester County’s largest community – run Earth Day Festival, held on the banks of the beautiful Hudson River,  we’d hate for you to miss out!

 As we do have limited space, accepted vendors are on a first-come-first serve basis and each application will be reviewed to determine alignment with our mission. Please be sure to read the rules and regulations within the application,which includes information on booth size, requirements and exclusions. Note too that Food/Beverage vendors have special requirements. Commercial Businesses may require proof of insurance.   Any issues/concerns will be addressed in early February.

Apply for registration:

**Should you be prompted for a password in your registration, please use: greenossining (all lowercase, one word).

Banner sponsorship opportunities are available on a limited basis for an additional fee (information is within the application). 

REGISTRATION DEADLINE is March 25,2020, or sooner based on capacity.




Green Ossining’s 9th Annual Earth Day Festival – April 27, 2019

A Riverfront Family-Oriented Day of Music & Activities Demonstrating our Support of Environmental Protection


  • Stage Line-Up, Parking & Shuttle Bus Info, Kids Actitivities (added on 4/25)
  • Join our Drum Circle and Ukulele Circle (added on 4/21) 
  • Used INSTRUMENT DRIVE  (added on 4/21)
  • We are honored to welcome traditional Native American Elders (added on 4/21) 
  • Sign up for Wildman Steve Brill’s Foraging Tour (added on 4/6)
  • Rain Barrel & Composter Sale at up to 50% off Retail (added on 3/25)

Green Ossining’s 9th Annual Earth Day Festival at Louis B. Engel Waterfront Park will be on April 27th from 10am-5pm. Join the Greater Ossining community in our annual celebration of Earth Day. Bring family and friends. Learn how to live a more sustainable life, visit artisan vendors, and enjoy food and live music on the banks of the Hudson River.As Westchester County’s largest community-run earth day festival– expecting visitors to exceed 4,000 and 100+ vendors – the Festival has grown from some 300 attendees and 20 vendors in our first year and attracts visitors from as far south as Brooklyn to counties surrounding and north of Westchester. We’re planning to have more hands-on activities and educational opportunities for everyone, as well as continuing great live music and entertainment aiming to make it our best earth day festival yet.

 “This year, as we celebrate the 49th anniversary of Earth Day, we remain keenly aware of the great challenges affecting our natural environment and our planet overall. We are also of the belief that there is much we can each personally do to affect and create a halo of positive change by the everyday choices we have the power to make.  With a nod to the importance of sustainable communities, you’ll find many things you love about festivals –  food, music, artisans, activities – as well as many environmental solution and advocacy-based organizations all cherry-picked for their local appeal and with an eye on environmental relevance.” said Suzie Ross, Chairperson and founding member, Green Ossining.

Featured events of the day include:

  • Arts & Artisan Vendors
  • Eco-demonstrations & hands-on activities
  • Focused Kid’s Activity Zone
  • Environmental advocacy
  • Zero-Waste in action on the Festival grounds
  • Delicious Local Food including vegetarian and vegan fare
  • Craft Beer
  • Drum & Ukulele Circles
  • Live Music with local musicians and by our stage hosts Mike & Miriam Risko and the Mike Risko Band
  • Local “Green” Services/ Product Vendors available for sharing green practices and products.
  • Learn about using eco-friendly products & how to save money by reducing your carbon footprint!
  • Community Organizations: All existing to help you! Learn more about the variety of groups in our own backyard.

Stage line-up includes The KJ Denhert Trio, Lydia Adams Davis, Mike Risko Band, Norm Dodge & Nancy Scorcia, Christina Picciano (of All My Friends), Square Dance Caller Liz Slade with Jim Garber, Jacques DiCroce & Friends, Claremont Chorus, Sons of the Earth, Divining Rod, and Grandmother Nancy Andry (Algonquin/French) & Chief Clara Soaring Hawk (Ramapough/Lenape).

“Ossining is proud to host the largest Earth Day celebration of its kind in the area. There’s no more beautiful place to gather with thousands of people to listen to great music, eat delicious local food, and learn how to better stewards of the earth” said Village of Ossining Mayor, Victoria Gearity.

Ossining Town Supervisor, Dana Levenberg, added “We are so excited to co-host another wonderful Earth Day Celebration this Spring.  These celebrations get better every year as more businesses realize the benefit of showing respect for our Earth in what they do.  If you haven’t been, come check out what you’ve been missing, and if you have, well we know we will see you again to take full advantage of this wonderful celebration of keeping our Earth and our community healthy and sustainable for many, many years to come.”

 The Festival is hosted and organized by Green Ossining with the assistance of the Town and Village of Ossining. This year’s sponsors include SBS Printing and Shipping, Mike Risko Music, Good Choice Kitchen, Down to Earth Markets, Suburban Carting, Dunkin Kehn, Sing Sing Kill Brewery, and Captain Lawrence. Stay tuned for more updates and about other special events happening throughout the day! For the most up-to-date information, follow us on Instagram, on our Facebook event page at



We encourage you to ride Metro North even from one station away (South of us is Tarrytown for more frquent trains, or Scarborough less frequent; and north is Croton Harmon) just for easy in and out access.

Of course by foot or by cycle/board will be the most eco-friendly, but if you choose to drive, do not plan to park on the River side please. Stay on the East side of the tracks.

Below is a handy map (compliments of Village Trustee Manuel R. Quezada) that identifies public parking lots and the three Shuttle Bus stops (Engel Park, up Central Avenue to the Brandreth Parking Lot, to Market Square then back down Central Ave to Engel Park).


The main stage line-up! Thank you to all the performers, and stage hosts Miriam Baily Risko and Mike Risko for being such an integral part of the day.

REUSE/RECYCLE/UPCYCLING OPPORTUNITIES If you have been missing all the profiles and activities, please go to Green Ossining’s 9th Annual Earth Day Festival event page on Facebook and indicate “going”. We’ll have info on parking options, the Shuttle Bus from village center to Engel Park, and a bunch of last minute things . *You have another day to sign up for a food foraging tour. We offset the costs to make it affordable. If anyone would like to go, but money is an obstacle, please PM me. Two tours: one before the Festival at 9a-10a, and the other from 2p-3p. Crawbukie Nature Preserve. . *As part of our Community Circle this year – in addition to a drum circle, we will also have Ukulele Circle. So bring your drums and Ukues (thanks Miriam Baily Risko)! . *Kids Activities in the Kid’s OZONE. Well we have the amazing Max (Jessica Hauben Lazarowitz) and his arcade made out of recycled materials, we have ArtinaBoxCo offering hands on craft activities, we will have cooking demos made with kids hands in mind. . We have invited traditional Native American Elders to the Festival this year. We’re looking forward to hearing from them both onstage and at the Community Circle for storytelling — they will also be performing a sacred water blessing song on one of the Piers. . Nursing Moms: we’ll have a spot for you to sit under the Green Ossining tent along with a chaging table We will also be announcing and awarding the winners of the AMD Earth Day Festival Poster contest. . THIS JUST IN: There will be a free Yoga class from 830a-930a near the beach at Engel Park taught by Elisha Simpson. A few musts: bring your own mat and do not park on the River side of either bridge as there is a lot of vendor activity happening at that time. So please park on the East side of the tracks and walk over the bridge and head toward the beach. I havent even gotten started with the activities at many of the booths. Just know , aside from getting out and being on the River with your community — there is tons to do and hopefully so much opportunity to learn.

APRIL 21,2019

EARTH DAY FESTIVAL: SPECIAL GUESTS, Native American Elder Grandmother Nancy Aldry (Algonquin), Cheif Clara Soaring Hawk (Ramapough-Lenape)

******Grandmother Nancy will be joined Chief Clara Soaring Hawk (Ramapough-Lenape) speaking from the main stage, and will be joining our community for storytelling (11:45a and 1:30p at the Community Circle) and the sacred Algonquin Water Blessing (at 1p & 230p on Pier #1)********

Grandmother Nancy is of Algonquin and French heritage and has followed the Red Road since childhood. Seeking out elders willing to teach, her first two mentors were Lakota, one an author, one a medicine man. An Ojibwa medicine woman, then a Mi’kmaq grandmother later adopted her. Community elders gave her permission to pour lodges since 1991. She served as a facilitator for a Native Women’s Circle in federal prison for 17 years.

A Sundancer and a Sacred Pipe carrier, she is acknowledged as an elder and a grandmother in her communities in Canada, where she was given instruction to bring out and share certain teachings.

Grandmother Nancy is a well-known storyteller, sharing legends from many different Nations in schools, health facilities and the pow wow circuit. She was a staff member of the Joined Nations of Connecticut, a youth organization for those of Native heritage.She also owned and operated an equestrian business until retirement, and now incorporates Horse Medicine in some of her lectures about Native culture.

Grandmother Clara Soaring Hawk is the Deer Clan Chief of the Ramapough-Lenape, a Water Protector who is working tirelessly to stop the Pilgrim pipeline from being built in New Jersey and New York through Ramapough land and sacred sites.

April 21, 2019


Join the Community Circle!

This year, in addition to the Drum Circle, we’ve added a couple of special opportunities: a Ukulele Circle and Traditional Native American Elders offering Stortytelling.

Bring your drum and/or your ukulele down!

SPECIAL OFFER: Interested in purchasing a Ukulele? Check out Mike Risko Music School and mention “Earth Day Uke Circle” and get 10% off a new Uke purchase prior to or at the Festival!

MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DRIVE: Mike Risko Music is collecting gently used musical instruments to donate to schools. Bring any instruments that you no longer play to their booth at Earth Day. Their repair technicians will bring them back to life and ensure that your instruments make music again by donating them to beginner students in the community! All instruments welcome.


10:45a-11:10a: Drum Circle

The community Drum Circle is the most basic and simple use of the drum and rhythm.  It is the use of a rhythm-based event as a tool for unity.  It can be a noisy & fun, family friendly event, where people come together to share their spirit by entraining rhythmically as a percussion ensemble.  They empower each other in the act of celebrating community & life through rhythm and music.  Everyone who comes & participates has something to offer the circle & anyone is welcome. Facilitated by Howard Rolls.

11:45a-12:30p: Native American Elders Storytelling & Drum Circle

Traditional Native American Elders Grandmother Nancy (Algonquin) & Chief Clara (Ramapough-Lenape) join us at this year’s Festival. For Native Americans, the telling of stories passed down from generation to generation remained their primary form of wisdom communication even after the written word had spread across the globe. Native American oral storytelling traditions allowed tribes to transmit their mythological, spiritual and historical understandings of themselves and the worlds they inhabited to their children and their children’s children. This all but guaranteed that members of each individual Indian nation would never forget their roots or lose sight of important knowledge that would allow them to continue to exist in harmony and cooperation with the natural world.

1:30p-2p: Native American Elders Storytelling

Traditional Native American Elders Grandmother Nancy (Algonquin) & Chief Clara (Ramapough-Lenape) return.

3p-3:45p: Ukulele Circle

Grab your Ukulele and participate.  Designed for beginners as well as advanced players. No experience required.   Facilitated by Mike Risko Music.

3:45p-4:30p: Drum Circle

Facilitated by Howard Rolls.

APRIL 6, 2019

He’s Baaa-aack!

We are thrilled to welcome back Wildman Steve Brill and his daughter Violet to Green Ossining’s 9th Annual Earth Day Festival where he will be giving foraging tours of Crawbuckie Preserve. Registration is required, sign up here to participate:

Naturalist-Author “”Wildman”” Steve Brill has been leading foraging tours in parks throughout the Greater NY area since 1982, for the public, for schools, libraries, parks departments, day camps, scouting groups, teaching farms, museums, environmental organizations, and more.

His Identifying and Harvesting Edible and Medicinal Plants in Wild (and Not-So-Wild) Places (William Morrow Publishers, 1994) is considered a classic on the subject. His innovative Wild Vegan Cookbook (Harvard Common Press, April, 2002) is changing the way people think of preparing gourmet food. His Shoots and Greens of Early Spring in Northeastern North America (self-published 1986, revised 2008) teaches people how the foraging season begins. His Foraging With the “”Wildman”” DVD shows people how it’s all done, and his Wild Edibles Forage app includes everything he knows about edible wild plants.

But he’s still best known for having been handcuffed and arrested by undercover park rangers for eating a dandelion in Central Park! And on his return to Ossining again for this year’s Earth Day Festival, Wildman Bill will be offering two Foraging Tours at Crawbuckie Preserve. Advance Registration is required, so check it out here:

March 25, 2019


Rain Barrel and Composter 50% Off Offer through April 24th for Pickup on April 27th

Feeling Spring in the air?

How about this offer for 50% off of rain barrels and composters? Green Ossining is partnering with Greenburgh Nature Center to bring you a pre-season composter and rain barrel sale which is now live! Get the sustainability equipment you’ve been thinking of at a great price. Order online by April 24th and pick up at their booth at the Green Ossining’s 9th Annual Earth Day Festival on April 27th.

For more information or to place an order, visit:

****Indicate that you are “”Interested” or “Going”to Green Ossining’s 9th Annual Earth Day Festival Event page of Facebook so that you dont miss out on real time info on vendor profiles, activities, stage line-up, parking info, etc.*****

The 2019 Earth Day Festival will be held on Saturday, April 27th!


We’ve reached capacity!

If you areplanning to be at the Festival as an attendee, please visit us here for important information regarding the Festival (parking, shuttle info etc.), as well as on Facebook and Instagram where we continue to profile vendors/exhbitors as well.


Instagram: GreenOssining

The 2019 Earth Day Festival will be held on Saturday, April 27th!

The Festival is hosted and organized by Green Ossining with the assistance of the Town and Village of Ossining. This year’s sponsors include SBS Printing and Shipping, Mike Risko Music, Good Choice Kitchen, Down to Earth Markets, Suburban Carting, Dunkin Kehn, Sing Sing Kill Brewery, Captain Lawrence, and Six Degrees of Separation.

Stay tuned for more updates and about other special events happening throughout the day.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook in order to get the most up-to-date information.


*Vendors MUST AGREE TO REMAIN operational until the Festival ends at 5:00pm.

*Tents are REQUIRED. Green Ossining does not provide tables, chairs or tents. Assigned vendors spaces may be on pavement or lawn areas. Due to the proximity of the park to the Hudson River and potential windy conditions, tents must be secured with sandbags or other weighted anchoring equipment (lawn stakes are not reliable and some vendors may be on pavement surfaces).

*No vehicles will be allowed on the lawn area or within the Festival grounds. *Application submission is not an assurance of participation. We reserve the right to select vendors based on variety and whose values are in most in line with our mission “To promote environmental sustainability community-wide, and develop practical methods that protect our natural resources.” Since space is limited, variety of vendors will also be a factor.
We will notify you within a week of registration should your application be declined.

We ask that you abide by our rules to help make the Earth Day Festival successful for everyone. 

PROHIBITED ITEMS: The following items are NOT allowed at ANYTIME during the Festival: If prohibited items are present, used or sold, the vendor may be asked leave the Festival grounds immediately, and may not be invited back in the future:

– Single-Use Plastic Bags: Please stock up on paper bags or boxes
– Single-Use Plastic Bottles: Water jugs will be available at Green Ossining table for your eco friendly bottle refill.
Plastic Straws : only paper or other compostable straws will be allowed

– Plastic “give-aways” typically used for marketing purposes
– Mass marketing “give-aways”: Please refrain from offering knickknacks/doodads/trinkets/baubles unless they are functional and associated with Earth Day. Items must be environmentally friendly. Please contact us to be certain that they will be allowable.
– Pets (we love them, but not everyone else does!)
– Styrofoam
– Silly String
– Toy or water guns
– Firecrackers, poppers, explosive devices
– Any illegal items

ADDITIONAL GUIDELINES FOR FOOD VENDORS – Food Permit: You must have a food permit available in your booth. Please contact the Westchester Board of Health if you need a temporary permit for our event
– Zero Waste: All food vendors must comply with our zero-waste efforts. This means all cutlery/plates/straws/bowls/cups must be compostable or recylable. (If you need a supplier for these items, check out Eco Products, or Greenstaurant.) We request that you encourage and remind each visitor to dispose of all waste at our Zero Waste Station.
– Single-Serve Packaged Snacks: The sale of single-serve, packaged snacks (chips, cookies, etc.) is prohibited unless all packaging is compostable.
– Garbage Pails: Your booth must have three small garbage pails for only your use that the public should not be able to see or use. Please have one each for:
1. Compostable items: food scraps (minus meat/dairy products), compostable cutlery/plates/cups etc.;
2. Recyclables: paper or tin items
3. Garbage. We will make rounds and empty your individual garbage pails for yo


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: March 29, 2019 or before should we reach capacity.