2019 Earth Day Festival


The 2019 Earth Day Festival will be held on Saturday, April 27th!

The Festival is hosted and organized by Green Ossining with the assistance of the Town and Village of Ossining. This year’s sponsors include SBS Printing and Shipping, Mike Risko Music, Good Choice Kitchen, Down to Earth Markets, Suburban Carting, Dunkin Kehn, Sing Sing Kill Brewery, Captain Lawrence, and Six Degrees of Separation.

Stay tuned for more updates and about other special events happening throughout the day.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook in order to get the most up-to-date information.


*Vendors MUST AGREE TO REMAIN operational until the Festival ends at 5:00pm.

*Tents are REQUIRED. Green Ossining does not provide tables, chairs or tents. Assigned vendors spaces may be on pavement or lawn areas. Due to the proximity of the park to the Hudson River and potential windy conditions, tents must be secured with sandbags or other weighted anchoring equipment (lawn stakes are not reliable and some vendors may be on pavement surfaces).

*No vehicles will be allowed on the lawn area or within the Festival grounds. 

*Application submission is not an assurance of participation. We reserve the right to select vendors based on variety and whose values are in most in line with our mission “To promote environmental sustainability community-wide, and develop practical methods that protect our natural resources.” Since space is limited, variety of vendors will also be a factor.
We will notify you within a week of registration should your application be declined.

We ask that you abide by our rules to help make the Earth Day Festival successful for everyone. 

PROHIBITED ITEMS: The following items are NOT allowed at ANYTIME during the Festival: If prohibited items are present, used or sold, the vendor may be asked leave the Festival grounds immediately, and may not be invited back in the future:

– Single-Use Plastic Bags: Please stock up on paper bags or boxes
– Single-Use Plastic Bottles: Water jugs will be available at Green Ossining table for your eco friendly bottle refill.
Plastic Straws : only paper or other compostable straws will be allowed

– Plastic “give-aways” typically used for marketing purposes
– Mass marketing “give-aways”: Please refrain from offering knickknacks/doodads/trinkets/baubles unless they are functional and associated with Earth Day. Items must be environmentally friendly. Please contact us to be certain that they will be allowable.
– Pets (we love them, but not everyone else does!)
– Styrofoam
– Silly String
– Toy or water guns
– Firecrackers, poppers, explosive devices
– Any illegal items


– Food Permit: You must have a food permit available in your booth. Please contact the Westchester Board of Health if you need a temporary permit for our event
– Zero Waste: All food vendors must comply with our zero-waste efforts. This means all cutlery/plates/straws/bowls/cups must be compostable or recylable. (If you need a supplier for these items, check out Eco Products, or Greenstaurant.) We request that you encourage and remind each visitor to dispose of all waste at our Zero Waste Station.
– Single-Serve Packaged Snacks: The sale of single-serve, packaged snacks (chips, cookies, etc.) is prohibited unless all packaging is compostable.
– Garbage Pails: Your booth must have three small garbage pails for only your use that the public should not be able to see or use. Please have one each for:
1. Compostable items: food scraps (minus meat/dairy products), compostable cutlery/plates/cups etc.;
2. Recyclables: paper or tin items
3. Garbage. We will make rounds and empty your individual garbage pails for yo


PLEASE REGISTER HEREhttps://greenossining.wufoo.com/forms/xs8k47u0u2xmq5/

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: March 29, 2019 or before should we reach capacity.