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Ossining Shoreline Revitalization Project

Ossining’s riverfront has experienced significant damages from periodic waterfront flooding from storms, high tides and sea level rise. It is a priority to improve coastal resiliency along the shoreline which will reduce risk and improve resiliency during the next storm and as the sea level continues to rise. Check out the project details here...

Virtual Open House

Visit the virtual open house to learn more about coastal resiliency and how it could be incorporated along the Hudson River, Henry Gourdine Park and Louis Engel Waterfront Park. Now through August 28, take a quick survey and share your input on the resilient design features as it is important that the waterfront design reflects community values and priorities. https://bit.ly/OssiningWaterfront

Cure100 Carbon Tracker

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Find ways to reduce your carbon footprint, improve your health and save money. Click here to begin tracking your carbon footprint today! Provided in partnership with CURE100.

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